5 genius eCommerce app and mobile website must-have features

A beautiful and truly helpful eCommerce app or mobile website is a lot like a good restaurant or in-person shopping experience – customers remember the experience and are likely to return and bring others. Building an app or website that achieves this can be a hugely successful investment or a big waste of money. 

After designing a few eCommerce apps and mobile websites ourselves and researching for you, we’ve compiled some of our favorite features, tips, and tricks that make a substantial difference in experience for users. 

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1. Add navigation options to your mobile eCommerce site for how your customers shop

Thinking one step ahead of users is key to creating a great, fluid experience. When users are clicking through your navigation and filters to find the items they want, it’s frustrating when they may not know exactly what they’re looking for. Create a system that is intuitive and follows users’ thought process while shopping. 

One of the best examples of this is Revolve’s navigation that breaks items further down by “shop by occasion” and “shop by style” for each type of clothing. 

Oftentimes with eCommerce sites, users don’t know what they want – they’re there for you to tell them that. Giving alternative ways of navigating like “what’s new” and “what’s trending” as filterable options helps add a dimension that is more social and emotional.

You don’t have to do this in place of traditional navigation and filtering options. The more options for narrowing down the product you provide, the more engaged your audience will be as they find what fits their needs then. 

A user may be looking for a specific item but come back to use the “What’s Trending” feature another time. 

Revolve filters by occasions and latest trends.

2. Create a visual filtering navigation

I actually did this for an eCommerce virtual experience project (Martha Stewart Living x Embello) you can see here. By visually presenting different options at the top of the screen, you can increase engagement. Users don’t need to navigate backwards or work their way through the filtering process again to change the selection of products in front of them. 

See more of this project on the product design page.

3. Answer questions on the product page, do NOT take customers to a shipping and handling page: 

When making a purchasing decision, one of the first things that customers think through is the shipping and return situation. You want that information to be present with the product. Customers shouldn’t have to scroll too far or be taken away from the product page. 

A great solution is a “drawer” like feature that opens up when users click for shipping and return info. That way, you don’t have to frustrate them by providing too little information but they’re still on the product page. 

Check out this example from Revolve

4. Respond to user actions: screenshot? Help them share!

In the same spirit of staying ahead of users’ next move, there are small little features you can create that help users take the next most beneficial step. For example, if a user screenshots on a product page, offer to create a link to the product with a preview so they can share via text message or app. 

I like this example from Revolve (can you tell I shop there a lot?) but I would add a preview of what the message you’re sending to your friend looks like: 

5. Reward app users above other shoppers: better discounts, earlier: 

Ok this one got me during Black Friday. I live in Barcelona and Black Friday has become prevalent over the last few years. I went into Uterque, a Spanish store under the Inditek umbrella, to see if they were doing a sale. They were offering 20% starting Friday morning for in-store shoppers, 20% off on the website starting Thursday at 9pm for regular online shoppers, and 30% OFF one hour earlier at 8PM Thursday for those who downloaded the app. 

Guess who downloaded the app? Me. They got me. And it was well worth it. I actually ended up loving the app and still have it because it’s design and personalisation is so nice. But this is one of the only “features” that could really get me to download it. 

This is in Spanish because I live in Spain but it says you can get a 10% more discount and early release if you download the app.

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