Slight design details to make your brand more luxury:

Slight design details to make your brand more luxury:

Scroll through your Instagram discover feed or flip through a magazine. Some brands inherently feel luxury and high-end to us, whether we’ve heard of them or not. There are slight branding details that simply look expensive. If you’re in the luxury space with the higher price point, it’s key to trigger that sense of luxury for potential customers seeing your brand for the first time. 

Here are a few small design details to your brand feel luxury at first glance:

For your typography, blend clean and traditional fonts:

Many luxury brands that can attract a wide range of audiences have a little bit of the past and a little bit of the future blended into a “timeless” look. You can achieve this by pairing clean, sans serif fonts with a more traditional looking serif. It gives a formal, yet approachable look.

You can adapt what typography you want to use for a platform/audience as well. 

For example, using more of your sans serif font for social media because it is more legible on small screens and more clean and modern for social. 

You can incorporate your serif, formal font on official pages where your brand can appear more formal and editorial.

Use editorial-style spacing and white space: 

Luxury brands have a way of making you feel like you’ve walked into a specialty shop when you enter their Instagram page or website. The way you arrange text and images on a page or in posts can give a sense that a brand is more refined and not commercial. 

Here are some examples:


Incorporate hints of nostalgia:

Luxury brands often hold a bit of history which is what brings their value and expertise. As a newer luxury brand, you can allude to this as well by incorporating nostalgic imagery and language into your brand identity. Nostalgic images and style do really well on Instagram and Pinterest. Consumers love seeing the style and class of times gone and a brand that can curate and appreciate niche eras. 

Here are some examples:


Have a consistent image guide: What would your ideal client’s “discover feed” look like on Instagram?

For luxury brands, being niches down is important to reaching the right customers. There may not be many of your “right” customers, but when they see your brand they should relate to it. Your brand should take on a “personality” that is clear across imagery and design. Customers want to embody that personality through your brand. If you are too all over the place, that personality won’t be clear enough, and your brand won’t hold that value. 

For example:


Have brand guidelines you stick to across touchpoints with your brand:

When you come across a post from a luxury brand, you know what to expect. They don’t bend and break to internet trends. Once you decide on your brand personality and have communicated that personality through imagery, typography, and language, you stick to it wherever your customers come in contact with your brand. 

A fantastic example of a new luxury brand that really gets this is Cult Gaia, a luxury female fashion label. Take a look at their social posts, website, and emails. 

Avoid “template” looking posts and layouts:

It’s become easy to design and put together social posts but social users can spot a template when they see one. It cheapens your brand and will have your content looking either like whatever else is out there or slightly off. Lean heavily on imagery, quality photography, and your typography design standards for social posts and let images lead the way. 

Here are some examples:

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