Why SEO is Essential for Villa Companies and Hotels

and How to Use it to Attract More Customers

Luxury villa companies and boutique hotels have two general options for driving bookings: creating a strong online booking system with organic traffic from Google or social driving new customers or rely on agencies to bring new customers at a 20-30% loss. 

Of course, saving 20-30% and driving sales at your own rate is always the ideal option. But it requires driving your own customers through SEO. 

SEO is a helpful tool to have in your toolbox as a business, whether a villa company, hotel chain, or otherwise. Some, in fact, would argue that it’s a necessity in today’s day and age. Villa and hotel companies can greatly increase their online visibility and profits by optimizing their website for search engines. 

With that said, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when optimizing your website for this industry. What follows will be a detail on best SEO practices and how you can use SEO to begin to attract more customers.

The Importance of SEO

At its most basic, SEO is important because it makes your business visible to more eyes; From increasing traffic to experiencing higher conversion rates and ultimately sales. 

SEO is also an effective tool for building brand awareness, gaining new business, earning authority in your respective industry, and ultimately positioning your business as a leader.

Below Are Several of the Most Common Benefits of Using SEO:

  • Increase Total Web Traffic
  • Improve Quality of Web Traffic
  • Save Money
  • Increase Visibility and Ultimately Build Brand Awareness
  • Generate Profits and Improve ROI
  • Stay Relevant in a Saturated Digital Ecosystem 
  • Become the Industry Leader in Information & Authority

By gaining authority in your industry, increasing total web traffic, increasing conversion rates, and getting an edge up on competitors, the end result is an increase in the size of your customer list and thus total sales.

The following are several best practices and tips for villas and hotels to employ when it comes to search engine optimization…

Optimize Your Website

Otherwise known as technical SEO, optimizing your website is imperative for improving your SEO score. Whether it’s improving website speed, functionality, or design, optimizing your website is the first step to attracting more customers. Your website speed, especially on mobile is extremely important for ranking high on search and improving your bounce rate. Your website should be designed mobile-first and function quickly and easily on mobile. Most customers are going to be coming in through search engines and social media, so the experience to your site should be easy and fast. Get personalized help on building the perfect, fast luxury mobile website.

Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords is imperative when optimizing ads, developing website content, posting blogs, and pursuing the entirety of your SEO strategy. As a villa company or hotel, ranking for relevant keywords that relate to vacation rentals will be crucial for attracting the right customers that will convert. Best practice is to compile a list of 10-15 basic keywords related to your offering including your location. From there, you’ll also want to add to your list more niche keywords that can help differentiate your offering and target more specific customers like “luxury villas with private pools Greece”. Specific phrases and keywords like this can help you target the ideal customers and position your offering where it matters on Google. 

Start a Blog

Blog posts are an incredible strategy for improving your website's SEO score. Without a blog, you are relying on only a few pages to rank for keywords.

If regular content creation is not possible in house, outsource to a luxury marketing agency. The important thing is that it is done right and consistently. Next, ensure that all blogs have optimized titles, high-volume keywords from your list mentioned above, interlinks, high-quality images and meta descriptions that also include your target keywords. Building up a bank of keyword-rich content on your site through your blog will help grow your URL rank and keep your offering and booking page high on Google in the long run. 

Optimize Images and Meta Descriptions

Whether in the context of your website, blog, or paid ads strategy, optimizing your images and meta descriptions are a key component to an effective SEO strategy. Basic tasks like making sure you’re using high-quality images, inputting relevant ALT text that includes your keywords, and filling out the meta description with your keywords and phrases will all make a difference when it comes to attracting more customers and ranking higher on search engines. 

Create your own booking app

Last but certainly not least, create your own mobile-first booking system. While there are a number of booking apps available that allow you to make reservations for villas and hotels, some popular options include Airbnb, Expedia, Booking and TripAdvisor, why not create your own strong web and social presence without having to pay the 20%+ that accompanies a third-party platform? Your customers are using these apps and agents because they are easy and come up first. If your own booking system is mobile-friendly, fast, and ranks well on Google, you can save on commissions and book more through your own website. 

While there are several strategies for increasing web traffic and thus attracting more customers, building out an effective SEO strategy is the best place to start. Get personalized help from our team either with optimizing your current site, building your social presence, or creating your own mobile booking system to improve sales. Request a proposal now. 

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